Build new influencer relationships & extend your brand presence.

For the last 18 months, Skribe’s media centre has been making sense of India’s vast media landscape. Why? Because we realised that there isn’t a single source where brands can get a holistic view of the Indian media, encompassing reach, geographies, languages and much more.

Our focus has been to build a digital platform with structured media information, insights and analytics that allow the marketing and PR profession algain instant access to a rich media data set. Our job has just began but we’ve started mapping 15000+ journalists/influencers over 3500+ media; ranging from the dailies, regionals, magazines, broadcast to blogs – spanning India’s 29 states and top 80 cities

Well how does it work? It’s easy you start with a Search – by Journalist, Geo or Media. Once you’ve found who you are looking for, add them to a dynamic media CRM, start creating tags and build lists. Track and target your influencers by engaging the right influencers with relevant conversations. And lastly, promote your news and content on a dynamic Skribe newsroom – utilising organic search and content curation strategies.