Je Suis Charlie Dead

Pen_vs._Sword-5bx2yo-dAfter the murder of Bangladeshi Bloggers Avijit Roy and Ananta Bijoy Das – Blogger Ananya Azad received a threatening Facebook message from Hefazat-e-Islam, a hardline Islamist group: “You would be the next person, so be careful.” Ananya no longer writes blogs and tries to stay indoors as much as possible, but he continues to articulate his views on social media to a closed community of like-minded readers. “Anyone who has a critical view about religion is exposed,” he said, but added that he was determined not to be silenced.

Gateway for Ideas

download (42)A big win for Genesis BM’s division Step Up – a leading public relations consultancy, that will be the official communications partner for the first TEDxGatewayWomen 2015 conference in India. The TED event will be held at the National Centre of Performing Arts (NCPA) in Mumbai on May 29, 2015. “Step Up will position and establish TEDxGatewayWomen as a leading TEDx conference in the country for ideas that matter for women, supporting the event through a robust media and communications strategy”,said Yashraj S. Akashi, Senior Ambassador, TEDx India.

Partnering with Telenor, Facebook launched its highly controversial and criticized initiative to provide free basic internet in Pakistan – making it the eleventh country where is present.

Done Deal

downloadRadio City now officially belongs to Jagran Prakashan Group. The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting has finally approved the deal between TV Today Group and Jagran Group, making the later official owner of the FM station.

“Rock n Roll ain’t noise pollution” but honking is. Addressing this issue, 93.5 Red FM, in association with the Mumbai Traffic Police, has initiated a campaign called ‘Don’t Be Horny’, where RJ’s from Red FM will talk and discuss various aspects of noise pollution with all the concerned people – traffic authorities, doctors and most importantly the commuters.The campaign will stretch over a period of three weeks.


imagesVidya Ram joins The Financial Express as a correspondent covering e-commerce, banking and start-ups. Earlier a freelancer at Times Group, Bangalore based Vidya can be reached at @vidyaaram. Anand Singh joins The Statesman, Delhi Bureau as a Special Correspondent covering Investigative stories. He had his extensive spells with World Mobile News Network, Bureaucracy Today magazine, Anand, Asian News International (ANI) and My Mobile Infomedia Pvt. Ltd.

Font Style BOLD

WPSelvi J Jayalalithaa’s self-promotion is not being held back by the Supreme Court’s order to ban images of politicians in Government ads.  The Tamil Nadu government today released front-page ads in all major newspapers celebrating the triumphant return of J Jayalalitha as CM.  In bold fonts no less, stating “under the dynamic leadership of Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Puratachi Thalaivi, Selvi J Jayalalithaa – Glorious Rule of Four Years Amma’s Rule Forever.” India’s other CMs weren’t far behind either, grabbing eyeballs riding on the Modi bandwagon congratulating the PM on his first year in office.  The ads carried images of the PM and the names of Ministers in BOLD letters.

How To Calculate Dowry

Dowry “Want to know how much Dowry you’re worth?” – a clever and humorous click bait campaign by has been the topic of water cooler discussions throughout India. Giving an innovative approach for tackling the age old issue of dowry and domestic abuse,  the matrimonial site had promoted a link on its Social Media page which supposedly would tell users  how much dowry they are worth? Those who clicked however, found out that the website as actually part of a social initiative campaign against dowry.

TV Policing

MediaWatch-Image28.5Media activist Edara Gopi Chand from ‘Media-Watch India’, an independent media watchdog organization forced the MIB to full disclosure of all broadcast violations from 2013. The MIB’s media watch division; Electronic Media Monitoring Centre (EMMC) has now reported 13,000 broadcast violations, which pertain to distracting part-screens, scrolling ads and surrogate liquor/tobacco products promotion. Now that the records are in the public eye, let’s see if the Ministry will be taking any action against violators.