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4tgumvb6_400x400» Ershad Kaleebullah makes a move to 91 Mobiles, a NDTV venture as Assistant Editor. His previous stints were with Gadgets 360, Gear India, The Inquisitr News as a Freelance Writer, My SmartPrice.com as Content and Domain Expert, NDTV as Senior Sub-Editor, and IDG Media as a Senior Correspondent. He has been honored ‘Best Content Writer Award’ in the year 2009 at DMCL and ‘IDG outstanding Achievement’ award in the year 2013 by IDG Media. Reach out to this Gurgaon based jack of all trades @r3dash.




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Power Twinterviews

tosb-innovationpanelGenesis Burson-Marsteller’s business division The Outstanding Speakers’ Bureau (TOSB) celebrates TOSB Day, every year on September 1 wherein a day-long thought leadership campaign is organised on Twitter to get various speakers on the TOSB panel, together and engage with each other and their followers.

This year, The OSB set the bar higher, with a different and innovative proposition for September 1 – Power Twinterviews: A Day-long Virtual Conference.

Twinterviews are a great way to churn out a punchy interview that readers can scroll through quickly. Today, we shine the spotlight on eminent media personalities who took questions from the TOSB panel and other twitterati, exhibiting the power of 140 characters both to write and respond on various significant topics.

First up, Raghav Bahl from Quintillion Media, of The Quint and BloombergQuint. Part of the TOSB panel on Innovation, Raghav shared his views on jugaad and the role of government in innovation.

Innovation is associated with startups; how can #innovation be cultivated in existing enterprises? 
Whenever a digital solution is created for a “traditional” pain point, you find innovation peaking.
May I disagree with the question? Start-ups get a lot of media noise but equally strong innovation is done by leading enterprises.

Is ‘jugaad’ innovation? Do share your views
Jugaad is ‘”tactical problem solving”; it’s not innovation, but an innovative tactic!

How can we ignite innovative thinking in India?
Keep the govt away! And create competitive markets, good education, easy business/capital environment – set people free!

Are we living in golden age of innovation? Please share some ideas
Human beings have always been innovative, within their context. What is more innovative: wheel, car or driver-less car?

In age of internet, is any original idea left? Are we only left to customize? 
New technologies will disrupt Internet too. Imagine if objects inter-changed between mass and energy? Beam me up Scotty!

Is #innovation a fluke—a serendipitous alignment of ideas and luck? Or can you seed and germinate it? 
Extraordinary endeavors are a cross fertilization of effort, intelligence, circumstance, and luck – so with innovation.

tosb-economypanelFor the panel on Economy, The OSB was the table for an insightful conversation on Indian elections between Shekhar Gupta, veteran journalist, Co-Founder along with Barkha Dutt of The Print, a new media start-up, and Dr. S Y Quraishi, Former Chief Election Commissioner.

Shekhar Gupta: Is there any definitive solution to the problem of political funding @DrSYQuraishi And which democracy has tackled this best?
SY Quraishi: State funding of elections definite no. But funding of political parties certainly. Rs100 per vote. No donations.
70-80% of European countries have state funding of parties. Works well.

SG: You think anti-defection bill needs changes to reduce power of the whip? Why can’t legislators vote basis issues, not party diktat?
SY: I think legislators without discipline can go berserk. Horse trading will increase.
SG: Horse trading can be minimised by confining compulsory voting on party lines only for money bills?
SY: That’s a via media. Party gets blackmailed as the government may fall on defeat of money bill coz of defection.

@DrSYQuraishi @ShekharGupta Sir, isn’t that healthy? Does the preeminence of the party mean more than the merit of the issue?
SY: Do you think legislators bother about the merit of issues when temptation beckons them.
SG: – As much or as little as their party leaders might. They’re more thoughtful in non-whip Parl commt meetings

@DrSYQuraishi @ShekharGupta so there needs to be fixed terms legislatures.
SY: That’s a good subject for debate even in context of demand for simultaneous elections.
SG: Isn’t the current situation better? Frequent polls bring disruption but also prevent concentration of power
SY: One bad effect of frequent elections, though, is corruption, casteism and communalism get encouraged.

SG: Is it feasible/possible to hold LS & state polls together @DrSYQuraishi or is it just an academic pipedream?
SY: Very desirable(cost, normal work dislocation etc) But constitutionally almost impossible.

SG: @DrSYQuraishi you think it’s possible to rig US presidential poll as #Trump has claimed/feared?
SY: I doubt it.
After Florida fiasco 2000, we saw an “unelected president” !(Bush). US has 70 difft systems of voting. Not ideal.

SG: Can we now say that poll rigging has now been totally eradicated? Or at least more or less?
SY: Rigging is almost impossible in India now. Several levels of checks have been created.

SG: My last que to conclude this fine session with @DrSYQuraishi As CEC, did you find govts compliant with norms or were some defiant?
SY: Govts were very deferential and compliant to norms. Some individual leaders tried defiance but were put in place.
SG: Yes, you were very firm. And very convincing today. Thank you for an informative session @DrSYQuraishi #TOSBDay


#TOSBDay also saw Pranjal Sharma, Business Knowledge Advisor & Columnist, Editorial Consultant, joining in for the panel on Leadership. Here are the questions that came his way.


What is the difference between a GOOD leader and a GREAT leader?
Great leaders inspire by setting personal examples.

What are the main hallmarks of a leader?
A leader who can rise above narrow interest for larger benefit inspires.

How important is communication for a leader?
For #leadership constant #communication of goal, path, achievements, failures are essential

devdutt-pattnaikAnd lastly the OSB Day featured an exclusive twinterview with leadership consultant, mythologist & author Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik, who gave us valuable management and leadership lessons from mythology.

How does Indian approach to management differ from western? And what role does mythology play in this approach?
Western management is objective driven. Indian management is meaning driven. Artha = meaning. Outside versus Inside.

I am sure the drivers of these management styles R different? Are the methods and outcomes also different
Western = process > people. Indian = people > process. Western outcome does not see long term consequence.

Biz cannot be only short term focussed.. There has 2 be a long term view. Is the western philosophy then not flawed?
All philosophies are flawed. Nothing in this world is perfect. Failure to recongise this is a huge problem

Is one way better than the other?
no…they complement each other…Western management good for strategy….Indian management good for tactics

You talk about Yagna as basis for building a business model. Please throw some light on this.
Yagna is about giving to get …giving = investment = svaha, getting = ROI= tathastu. Its not give & take i.e. contract

Our Indian business system is centered around the worship of Goddess Lakshmi. What are your views on that?
Goddess lakshmi alone causes quarrels….with Durga (power) and Saraswati (wisdom) causes happiness

How do you rate Indian businesses? Are family-owned businesses opening up to global/MNC work culture?
Idea is good. But tough to manage family expectations (pack/herd/hive mentality) and delegating to professionals

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