The not-so Great Wall

great_wall_beijing-608x340_cThe Beijing Times reports that nearly a third of the Great Wall of China has completely disappeared due to natural erosion, human destruction, and a lack of protection. The lead-in-food scare continues as another top brand- Indo Nissin withdraws its instant noodles brand ‘Top Ramen’ under a directive from the central food safety regulator FSSAI. Expect the launch of five digital products including a Digital Locker, a National Scholarship Portal, and an e-Hospital from PM Modi’s #DigitalIndia initiative set to go live on July 1. The Greek meltdown continues as PM Alexis Tsipras rejects the EU bailout plan and urges Greeks to vote via referendum on the proposal planned for Sunday.

Hindi Rules

^FAC2DF04D786029FB069A44FA6D0A4C0E8DDC58B22AE3C158D^pimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distrAt a Cannes session last week on ‘Building for Story-tellers’ and the mobile age we live in, Facebook’s Chief Product Officer, Chris Cox, made several references to India. “Where are the next billion people on the Internet?” he asked. “A third is in India. A fifth is in China. They are not scattered around the world. The next billion Internet users are in very concentrated and specific regions. So we only need to brush up our Hindi.”  Facebook plans to localize its offering even further. An Android app ‘Facebook Lite’ which uses less data and performs better on 2G networks becomes available for users in India and Philippines.  Earlier this app was available only in Bangladesh, Nepal, South Africa, Nigeria, Sudan, Vietnam, Zimbabwe,and Sri Lanka. Watch out for a new app pioneered by a Bengaluru teen-team that was presented at the ‘Technovation World Pitch Challenge’, San Francisco for seed funding of $20,000. The app connects waste producers with recyclers, and creates a marketplace and a mutually beneficial economy for both parties. For instance, tea vendors can alert recyclers about used plastic cups. The recyclers in turn also share the money they collected for the plastic with the vendors.

IBN minus CNN

jkadNetwork18 terminates its 10-year Brand association with Turner Broadcasting System and its international news channel CNN. As a repercussion, IBN will lose its prefix CNN. Koel Purie Rinchet, actress and current host of ‘On the Couch with Koel’ quits her previous role as whole-time director of TV Today Network as she is appointed as a non-executive Board director.


F68yUL5qCongrats to Joanna Lobo who takes charge as the principal correspondent at Hindustan Times after a stint with Daily News Analysis (DNA).  Mumbaikar Joanna blogs at ‘My family and other animals!’ and tweets @djoiiii. Biz Journo Anjali Agarwal joins The Economic Times as senior copy editor. Previously with, Mumbai based Anjali can be reached @enormouslyy.

PIB Probe

logo-BThe Economic Times reports that the Press Information Bureau (PIB) accredited close to 2,500 journalists in 2015 without the approval of Ministry of Home affairs (MoH).The MoH wants PIB to monitor journalist accreditation more vigorously. Misuse of a PIB card could be a potential security breach, as PIB card allows an individual to access government offices and documents. Media Houses rejoice as rumours are abound that the government may soon look at hiking the FDI limit in the publishing of newspapers and periodicals dealing with news and current affairs from the current 26% to 49%.

Desi Lingo in Oxford

6a00d8341d417153ef0134864d3862970c-800wi‘Arre yaar’ makes it into the Oxford English Dictionary — alongside other Indian words such as ‘churidar’, and ‘dhaba’. It defines the two words as denoting anything from ‘hey buddy’ to ‘you got to be kidding me’ in ‘desi’ street lingo. The lexicon hasn’t overlooked India’s foodie delights, as ‘Keema’, ‘Papad’ and ‘Bhelpuri’ grab a spot as well. Arnab Goswami, President – News and Editor-In-Chief of Times Now and ET Now, became the first journalist in the 140-year history of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) to ring the opening bell last week. June 26th, saw the US Supreme Court legalise same sex marriage in the US which is a criminal offence in India. FB is full of profile pictures with gay pride’s rainbow colours.

The WSJ Retreats

ktOTevZlThe Wall Street Journal plans to scale down its India operations and cease the publication of the Indian edition, as part of global restructuring. The Delhi and Bengaluru operations are being scaled down; however, it will continue to run its India focused blog ‘IndiaRealTime’ for the time being. The Telegraph celebrates its 160th anniversary with a redesign. It is returning to an earlier gothic masthead of The Daily Telegraph (UK) and implementing a new typeface, Austin, for headlines and articles on it. See more. President, Pranab Mukherjee, presented the ‘Punyabhushan Award’ to Pratap Pawar, Chairman of Sakal Media Group, for his contribution to the Indian media industry; the economic development of the region and to public services.